Organize/Manage Policies and Procedures

Making your policies practical and usable


Although security and privacy policies and procedures are key to reducing risks and increasing compliance, most organizations either don’t have policies in place or have policies that accrue dust on the shelf. Either way, compliance is neglected because implementing it would require a change in processes (and behavior).

CISOteria's Solution

CISOteria focuses on transferring written policies to working processes. It helps companies establish and enforcing these policies so that they become a habit. Each policy is translated into tasks and recurring activities — and CISOteria follows up on implementation by alerting CISOs when tasks and activities are not met.

Applying security and regulations policies is an important factor in improving enterprise readiness for cyber events and regulatory compliance. Indeed, failure to implement such processes is a common root cause of cyber events. Enterprises that adopt security policies are less likely to be vulnerable to attacks and more likely to comply with regulations.

Enforcing security and privacy policies is a key building block of related regulations, standards and frameworks. Moreover, there is over 70% overlap between the policies required by the leading regulations and security frameworks and standards, i.e., NIST, GDPR, ISO 270119, CIS and others.

CISOteria recommends specific policies for each organization based on its risk level profile, then proposes tasks and recurring activities so that each policy will turn into a working process enterprises actually follow.


Aligning security and regulations policies to an organization’s processes so policies are easy to follow and maintain

Improved Governance

Once policies are easily followed, governance is maintained properly and adequately.

Increased Compliance

Policies that are easy to follow increase compliance to all the privacy and security regulations.

Recommended Policies

CISOteria recommends required policies based on your required regulation and
Risk Level Profile.

Policy Enforcement

With CISOteria, policies are built into processes, tasks, and activities — requiring the team to cooperate.

Policies Watchdog

A lack of required activity automatically triggers an alert and reminder to the activity owner.

Recommended Controls

CISOteria's expert system advises you on which activities to adopt to comply with each required policy.

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