Lead 3rd-Party Audits and Penetration Tests

Aligning audits to remediation work plans


Audits and penetration tests reports are easy to read but difficult to implement — and impossible to compare with previous audits trends. Transforming findings and recommendations to activities and controls can be a daunting task; meanwhile, cyber vulnerabilities and risks remain. 

CISOteria's Solution

CISOteria lets auditors and pen testers incorporate their findings and recommendations, and align them to the company’s business assets and defense layers. It compares with previous audit results and assists in translating the findings to tasks and controls.

CISOteria aligns the organization’s auditors and pen testers to one language that speaks to the company’s specific business assets and defense layers. Result: Each finding and recommendation is associated with existing controls, immediately reflects the severity of the exposure, and identifies the associated task to mitigate the risk.

Findings and recommendations are validated and transferred, according to priority, to a dedicated project that consists of controls —i.e., tasks and recurring activities — so that all reported vulnerabilities will be mitigated. Moreover, the history of audits and penetration tests is stored in CISOteria’s knowledgebase, enabling views of trends and analysis of activities performed between audits.


Audits and penetration tests are critical controls that place a value on the implementation of security and compliance activities   

Time Savings

CISOteria gathers auditors' findings and recommendations and translates them to specific tasks and activities — all in one place.

Trend Analysis

Compares past audit results to show improvements— and where more is needed. Now you can make wise conclusions.

Avoid Repetition

Aligning existing controls to auditors' recommended controls — no overlapping, faster remediation.

Critical Insights

Immediately correlate auditors' findings and recommendations to the organization's risk exposures and regulatory compliance.

Quick Prioritization

Transferring findings and recommendations to prioritized activities is easy and intuitive.

Easy Management

Managing audits and penetration tests from one resource make it easy to conduct multiple audits in parallel.

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