Apply Risk-Based Approach to Workplans

It's time to move past the patchwork


Without a centralized knowledgebase that includes all of the security-related data and activities, decisions are made based on personal experience, recommendations and available budgets. Moving to a risk-based model that tackles true priorities first is almost impossible without a centralized, methodical approach.

CISOteria's Solution

CISOteria covers end-to-end enterprise security and regulations compliance. Its risk management module enables an ongoing view of the inherent risk, proactivity level and the resulting residual risk to the company business assets. CISOteria makes it possible— and cost effective — to implement a risk-based approach and proactively control activities.

CISOteria’s core inference engines apply a risk-management filter that ensures the organization implements only the required controls that reduce risks to its business assets, the crown jewels.

Connecting the implementation of security and compliance workplans to the organization’s business assets is a core functionality that assists in ongoing measurement and improvement, reducing residual risks.


Moving to a risk-based approach enables organizations to reduce and optimize costs as well as analyze their spending vs. their risk trend over time

Budget Control

Manage your cybersecurity and regulations compliance budget under your control and supervision.

Risk Reduction Control

Align workplans with your acceptable risk to reduce and control your overall risk.

Workplans Control

Define and manage roles and responsibilities according to your risk-based workplan.

Budget Optimization

Align expenses directly to risk reduction rather than to non-methodical technology spending.

Proactive Cybersecurity

CISOteria's risk-management module enables you to implement controls based on the enterprise's acceptable risk.

Room to Improve

With risks and workplan activities controlled and managed centrally, ongoing improvement is a matter of analysis and decision.

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