Supervise and Prioritize SecOps Team Activities

Aligning SecOps activities to risks


Managing and controlling security operation teams has long been a daunting challenge. From prioritizing task management to security incident management planning to regulation compliance, with required regulations these functions typically end up on spreadsheets with no formal authority.

CISOteria's Solution

CISOteria aligns risks, regulations and workplans to controls implementations and day-to-day activities. It enforces the use of workflows, reporting and follow-up on a daily basis, and alerts when a flaw is detected.

CISOteria provides a platform for tasks and project management that associates each activity to the organization’s CPI (Cybersecurity Proactivity Index™) score and risk appetite.

Besides controlling plans for security and regulations compliance, it enables CISOs to analyze activities and measure success.

Security operations team members can now plan their work in line with company priorities, report on their progress, and get alerts when there are delays.


Making progress in workplans implementation without the power and authority over the security operations teams

Monitor Progress

Managing controls implementation enables you to track workplans' progress on a daily basis.

Time Savings

Track activities on your schedule — no more waiting for emails and spreadsheets.

Risk Alignment

Supervising and prioritizing activities aligns you with risk reduction and full compliance.

Sharing Status

All security operations team members are aligned with the status of their teammates' activities.


It's easy to change activities with minimal impact on existing projects and activities.

Team Unification

Using one platform for managing and implementing all activities aligns team members with the company objectives.

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