360° Visibility to Executive Management

Bringing transparency to Cybersecurity


Consolidating and translating enterprise-wide technical data to business data can take months — if it happens at all. Result: Executives and board members often make uninformed, unwise decisions on business-critical cyber issues.

CISOteria's Solution

CISOteria is a System of Record platform that continually aggregates data from all cybersecurity and regulations activities, puts them in a centralized knowledgebase, and correlates them to the business. Executives can now have cyber security visibility and track changes in their own “language.”

Management visibility is the missing link for moving cybersecurity from a technology matter to the corporate mainstream. Now executives can view the organization’s cybersecurity posture in terms they fully understand — and make better decisions as a result.

CISOteria’s centralized knowledgebase holds and tracks end-to-end data on all activities, incidents, required regulations, policies, etc. It then supports executive-level decision-making and provides sound recommendations to key stakeholders.


360° visibility of all the organization’s cyber-related activities combined with a centralized knowledgebase enables risk control


Full visibility strengthens the relationship between security and compliance personnel and company management.

Management Buy-In

As a fully informed stakeholder, management takes an active role in day-to-day activities, and supports and enforces decisions.

Easy Budgeting

With transparency and management buy-in, getting approval for budget requests is no longer a daunting task.

Risk-Based Approach

360° visibility and control enable decision-making processes based on specific risks to the company business assets.

Shared Responsibility

Transparency and visibility make decisions a shared process with shared responsibility and involvement.


Cybersecurity and compliance become fully aligned with the business — and prioritized based on threats to business assets.

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