Return on Security Investments (ROSI)

Making wise decisions based on real data


Today’s security and compliance officers don’t have the ability to pinpoint or forecast risk-related spending, let alone ROSI. In fact, with no centralized platform to connect assets with threats, defense layers and controls, they can’t even track the risk status for company business assets.

CISOteria's Solution

For the first time in cybersecurity history, you can correlate spending to risk changes and calculate the return on security investments on an ongoing basis. CISOteria calculates, tracks and maintains the inherent and residual risks as well as the controls and proactivity levels. Result: Better decision-making.

Security investments combine technology and processes to build defense layers for company business assets. Measuring proactivity (via our exclusive CPI score) vs. the inherent and residual risks, along with investment over time, provides real ROSI.

Analysis of ROSI over time provides insights to the company’s success in employing a risk-based approach. It enables a sharper focus on activities that reduce costs and increase security and compliance.


Reduced risk, lowers costs, reliable compliance

Budget Control

CISOteria lowers costs and optimizes budgeting based on asset risk exposure and acceptable risk appetite.

Decision Making Empowered

Knowledge of your ROSI drives informed action and fuels wiser decision making.

Cost Saving

Calculating your ROSI reduces wasteful spending on multiple solutions.

Trend Analysis

You can review past ROSI data to identify improvements and opportunities — and make better decisions.

Proactive Cybersecurity

ROSI data and risk management enable you to implement controls based on the enterprise's acceptable risk.


Full visibility gives security and compliance personnel key insight into the company budget.

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