Make Security a Business Enabler

Leveraging security and compliance as a competitive advantage


Most organizations consider security and compliance a cost, not a benefit. Opaque implementation and no alignment to the enterprise and customer assets keep them from playing a central role in the company’s success.

CISOteria's Solution

CISOteria provides full visibility to the company’s assets — including its customers’ assets — so that security and compliance can be leveraged to increase customer confidence and provide a competitive advantage.

Customers and partners share their data and are increasingly concerned on how well those assets are secured. Giving them a window into your security systems and processes increases their confidence and willingness to raise business to the next level.

New prospects also demand information about how you would secure their data. The ability to demonstrate your security practices can give you a competitive advantage.


Security and compliance activities can be shared with customers and partners to provide confidence 
for increased cooperation (and business)

Competitive Advantage

Security and compliance have become a must among customers and partners. More information gives you a competitive advantage.


CISOteria's 360° visibility and control enable you to share how you secure your customers' and partners' data.

Risk Reduction

The ability to manage, control and share how you manage security reduces your exposure to cyber risk.

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