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CISOteria provides value for a wide variety of stakeholders such as CISO, CIO, CFO/COO, CEO and SecOps teams.

CISOteria is a cloud-based SaaS platform and is extremely easy to onboard and use. Just register, log in — and start improving your security. No need for any tech know-how, long manuals or downloads.

CISOteria is the first System of Record solution that lets you manage your entire enterprise security ecosystem in one place. It dramatically improves and accelerates security workflows, eliminating all the manual and ineffective procedures that exist in most organizations. It provides eye-opening visibility that uncovers valuable insights that drastically improve an organization’s security-related activity.

CISOteria saves countless costly man-hours by accelerating your security workflow such as data collection, annual workplan development and regulatory compliance. CISOteria’s platform lets you cut your security budget on a strategic level by focusing on your areas of risk, so you only allocate funds where they’re needed.

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CISOteria is a first-of-its-kind SaaS System of Record that covers the entire enterprise cybersecurity lifecycle, from strategy, prioritization, audits and implementation to remediation, compliance (e.g., NIST, GDPR, ISO 27001, etc.), risk management and much more.