Measure Business Assets' Security Posture

Make wise and informed decisions


Today’s executives struggle to measure and track the security of their organizations’ business assets using yesterday’s resources (such as PDFs, Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint). No solutions to support the build-out of an intelligence layer supporting critical decision-making processes.

CISOteria's Solution

With CISOteria, CISOs can make informed, real-time decisions, identify their organizations’ residual risk levels based on critical business assets, and learn how residual risk transforms daily and monthly — all while maintaining their allocated cybersecurity budgets.

For the first time ever, CISOs and executives can view business asset exposure daily. With real operational data supporting their decisions, CISOs can take measures to enhance effectiveness, invest in the right resources and efficiently prioritize workflows and tasks, all while benchmarking their enterprise against their peers.

CISOteria collects data from all security and regulatory workflows, analyzes the inherent risks, applies the implemented controls and defense layers, and calculates the residual risk for each critical business asset.


CISOs and Executives: now, you can focus on reducing the inherent risks of business assets while reducing cost

Business Alignment

Aligning security with business needs like never before.

Executive Language

Finally, CISOs can speak the executive language and gain critical insights — with one robust solution.

Methodical Approach

No more haphazard guessing—deep data collection and analysis enables tailored strategies for specific security needs.

Budget Control

Targeted allocation based on risk exposure (and appetite) enables budget optimization — and lower cost.

Decision Making Empowered

Knowledge is power. CISOteria provides actionable knowledge to drive informed decision-making.

Practical & Data-Driven

Measuring business asset security posture with Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) is the most practical approach to risk-based security.

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