Cybersecurity Proactivity Score™ (CPI) and Benchmark with Peers

Track your proactivity progress over time


Organizations must be more proactive and less likely to experience business interruptions due to cyber incidents. Implementing controls, reducing vulnerabilities and complying with regulations is a day-to-day challenge — and measuring it can be mission impossible.

CISOteria's Solution

CISOteria’s CPI quantifies your threat readiness and assesses your security and privacy regulation compliance. Your CPI score enables you to track your progress over time and relative to your peers, and our intuitive dashboard makes it easy to see your status — and take action.

CPI is your go-to tool to quantify your organization’s ability and success in implementing enterprise security controls. The higher your score, the lower the probability of experiencing a breach. What’s more, you don’t learn your CPI in a vacuum: CISOteria also compares your score with your peers – similar companies with similar risk profiles.

How it Works

Onboard CISOteria, integrate your company data and get your Cybersecurity Proactivity Index (CPI).  Monitor ongoing performance and fine-tune activities with ease.

Identify Your Risk
Level Profile

What do you look like to hackers? Onboard CISOteria, and throughout your first month the platform's core engine will calculate and fine-tune your company's Risk Level Profile.

Your risk profile is determined by multiple factors including company size, brand awareness, location, allure, and incentives to hackers, mandatory regulations, and more.

Calculate Your Score

Your CPI score is directly related to your Risk Level Profile.

The higher your risk level, the more proactive you need to be to reach (or exceed) status with peers. Meanwhile, your CPI score shows how well you implement controls vs. the essential measures your organization should consider implementing, particularly when comparing to peers.

Ongoing Track
Your Score

CISOteria provides a centralized knowledgebase while tracking all security and regulation activities that affect your CPI score, which updates daily.

Security implementation, work efficiency, and the crowd-sourced insights on your peers drives wise decision-making while ensuring compliance and reducing risk exposure.

Your Risk Level Profile and Proactivity Score Calculator

This calculator shows your Risk Level Profile (including exposure to threats and regulations based on area of activity, organization size, branding level, etc.) and Cybersecurity Proactivity Index (CPI) score. It then recommends activities you should take to improve them.

Examine your organization risk level (1-6) and proactivity score (1-100)

Your Risk Level

Recommended Controls

Your CPI Score

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