Track Security Defense Layers

Watch how controls are implemented


Security controls are the foundation of your organization’s defense layers, applied to cut kill chains of top cyberthreats. But knowing and monitoring your controls’ efficacy is an endless, challenging task that requires security teams to implement processes on a regular basis.

CISOteria's Solution

CISOteria is your watchdog, always on the lookout to enforce your defense layers and quantify your organization’s implementation level. Its global technology and centralized knowledgebase provide insights and recommendations for what works (and what doesn’t), so adapting and optimizing security control implementation is simple and cost-effective.

Defense layers comprise a range of implemented controls that aim to reduce your business assets’ vulnerabilities and exposure.

These controls include a blend of security products, processes and recurring activities. Each blend makes up a defense layer, and CISOteria’s advanced solution enables all the layers to collaboratively address existing kill chains.

CISOteria tracks controls and defense layers, enabling CISOs to evaluate security team performance based on concrete data and insights. Knowing which issues require ongoing attention, monitoring and analysis to maintain optimal security has never been easier!

Maintaining strong, proactive security requires ongoing, 360-degree awareness of your organization’s operations status — and expedited response and remediation. CISOs get invaluable, real-time insights on security status for truly informed decision making. What’s more, CISOteria learns from your data — and updates automatically. If company processes aren’t followed or a planned audit identifies a weakness, CISOteria jumps into action to quickly develop the critical defense layers just right for your enterprise.


Viewing and tracking an organization’s defense layers are the best way to prioritize and connect risk levels to actionable activities.

Structured View

Viewing defense layers for each IT environment adds a critical structure to your security and regulation activities.

Workflow Monitoring

Any changes tracked via the defense layer watchdog immediately implies a break in required workflows.

Prioritized Activities

Activities can be prioritized according to the status of the defense layers' implementation.

Cost Saving

Pinpointing flaws in defense layers reduces spending (and labor) to identify the problems and investing more on multiple solutions.

Killing the Kill Chains

Once issues are tracked —and the enterprise generates mitigation activities — the defense layers significantly reduce the likelihood of threats.

Executive Ready

Now defense layers can be shared with executive management without the need to get into technical details.

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