Comply with Security and Privacy Regulations

Managing privacy, ISO and NIST activities daily


The global security and regulations industries have exploded in the past decade. Enterprises everywhere need suppliers and partners to comply with standards and frameworks — the basis for establishing a trusted business relationship from the get-go. But maintaining compliance is expensive, unwieldy and labor-intensive.

CISOteria's Solution

CISOteria eliminates the need to start from scratch every time a new or updated regulation arises. Instead, this intelligent solution’s centralized knowledgebase tracks the regulations, measures implementation and recommends the specific actions needed to comply. Result: You stay in compliance — and save time, resources and money to do so.

NIST Cyber Security Framework (CSF) is one of the world’s leading frameworks for enterprise security. CISOteria’s built-in modules power compliance with the NIST CSF frameworks, providing gap analysis so CISOs can identify the precise requirements to comply with just one click. But CISOteria doesn’t stop there. It also ensures next-level compliance and enterprise-wide security with ongoing project management and automated recurring activities to maintain compliance.


ISO 27001 is a global standard specifying information security management systems (ISMS) recommended for enterprises. The regulation comprises a set of controls and policies that support and guide organizations in increasing security. CISOteria’s ISO 27001 module and additional modules manage and maintain your organization’s ISMS.


Embedded in Security

Being able to tightly couple your security with compliance controls increases both.

Reduced Costs

CISOteria provides an easy way to comply with security and privacy regulations from the start.


No need to overdo required controls that meet multiple regulations.

Focus on Key Requirements

CISOteria's inference engines let you focus on a regulation's key requirements according to industry professionals.

Translated to Activities

With CISOteria, translating regulatory requirements into activities happens with a single click.


Being able to view and manage all regulations-related activities makes them easy to share with 3rd parties and regulators.

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