Cybersecurity Proactivity Index (CPI) Calculator

The first-of-its-kind, simplest way to quantify and monitor your cyber risk - your organization’s cybersecurity health, threat readiness and regulatory compliance

Increased CPI = Reduced Cyber Risk

Track your progress over time and against your peers.

CISOteria’s AI engines use your CPI score to make smart recommendations and automatically build security work plans — take the guesswork out and use your resources efficiently and effectively.

cybersecurity proactivity

How it Works


Identify Your Risk Level Profile [1-6]

Multiple factors determine your risk profile, including company size, brand awareness, location, hacker incentives, regulations, and more.


Calculate Your Proactivity Score

Your CPI score directly relates to your risk profile. The greater your risk, the more proactive you need to be to match (or exceed) your peers.


Get Prioritized Recommendations

Your CPI rates your controls implementation and recommends essential measures you can take to reduce your risk.

Cybersecurity Proactivity Score Results

Your Top Threats and Regulations Readiness

Data Leakage

Recommended Proactive Controls

Examine your organization risk level and proactivity score

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