CISOteria - The Platform for Managing Security and Regulations

An AI System-of-Record SaaS Platform for Cyber Risk Quantification, Risk Management and Security Operations

Patented, risk-based platform that empowers end-to-end daily activies - from security operations to board presentations

✓  Quantify and Monitor Your Cyber Risk

✓   Manage Policies and Procedures

✓   Control Security Operations

✓   Oversee Your Cyber Proactivity

✓   Benchmark Against Peers

✓   Track Defense Layers

✓   Comply with Regulations – ISO27001, Privacy, NIST

How It Works

Rules-based, expert knowledge aggregation from internal and external sources

  • 24/7 Monitoring Sensors aggregate cybersecurity data across and beyond your enterprise
  • Centralized Knowledgebase stores the data
  • Inference Engines calculate business risks and regulatory compliance
  • AI Engine benchmarks vs. peers and proposes prioritized risk-reduction controls and compliance activities
Security Risk Management

Key Features

Efficient Audit Management

Simplified Remediation Management

Personalized Expert Recommendations

Optimized Risk Management

Proactive Policy Supervision

Compliance Management Privacy, ISO 27001, NIST 800-53, NIST Cyber Security Framework

Quantify & Monitor Your Cyber Risk

Track Asset Exposure
Plan and prioritize activities based on your aggregated risk exposure status. No more “educated” guesswork!
Analyze Your Risk Trend
See what’s working (and what’s not).

Control Security Operations

Command Your Controls
Manage security activity implementation — assign, monitor, and get task alerts. Gain visibility and control!
Reduce Likelihood of Cyber Events
More control, fewer vulnerabilities.

Oversee Cyber Proactivity

Track Your Products and Procedures
Build security architecture from the bottom up, align it with your business assets — and view your controls status 24/7!
Your CPI Trend Is Invaluable
Analyze what’s working and what’s not, and see how your cybersecurity proactivity affects your risk exposure — all in real time.

Manage Policies and Procedures

Dust Off Your Policies
Transform vague policies into clear processes, eliminate weak practices — and create an enterprise security culture.
Use Policies for Increased Security
Convert policies into recurring activities.

Benchmark Against Peers

Justify Your Security Investments
Compare your security expenditures to peers with similar inherent risk. No more decisions in darkness!
Make Better Decisions
The confluence of your data with your peers’ — and your industry’s — gives you the knowledge you need to make smarter, more informed choices.

Track Defense Layers

Structure Your Defenses
Establish and watch your datacenter defense layers to protect your assets. Align people, processes, and technology.
Master Your Entire Cyber Knowledgebase
Full searchability empowers you to control defense layer implementation.

Comply With Regulations

ISO27001, Privacy, NIST is Easy as 1, 2, 3
Your compliance gap analysis is ready: Simply assign tasks, watch their progress — and comply in weeks, not months!
Align Regulations with Security Controls
Governance, risk, and compliance, all on one dashboard.

Key Benefits

A powerful tool for communicating enterprise security status and activities to executive management and external parties

Real-time gauge of your organization’s business-asset exposure versus peers

Personalized, proactive expert recommendations

Control, prioritization and security risk management of activities, budgets, compliance, etc.

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