Use Case - Baton for the Maestro – CISO

Cyber Risk Quantification | Manage Controls | Monitor | Prioritize | Oversee Risks

Quantify Cyber Risk for the Organization’s Business Assets’ and Critical Processes, Benchmark with Peers and Make Informed Decisions Recommended by Experts


To measure, track, prioritize and control cyber security and compliance operations daily without the need to maintain multiple Excels, SharePoint, PowerPoint, and PDFs files

  • An intelligent centralized knowledgebase
  • Monitor daily processes and activities
  • Calculate real-time risk exposure with CISOteria’s Cybersecurity Proactivity Index (CPI) algorithms
  • Benchmark with same risk level peers
  • Get proactive, personalized, prioritized recommended activities by leveraging CISOteria’s AI engines
  • Reduced and controlled risk exposure
  • One platform to manage and monitor all activities
  • Common language with security operators and board members
  • Preservation of past data for analysis and planning
  • Planned, prioritized, and controlled cybersecurity and compliance — as easy as 1, 2, 3

Now you’re in control

360° Visibility and Control of Your Enterprise Security and Compliance. Yours Anywhere.


CISOs and Executives: now, you can focus on reducing the inherent risks of business assets while reducing cost

Business Alignment

Aligning security with business needs like never before.

Executive Language

Finally, you can speak your board of directors' language and gain critical insights — with one robust solution.

Methodical Approach

No more haphazard guessing — deep data collection and analysis enables tailored strategies for specific security needs.

Budget Control

Targeted allocation based on risk exposure (and appetite) enables budget optimization — and lower cost.

Decision Making Empowered

Knowledge is power. CISOteria provides actionable knowledge to drive informed decision-making.

Practical & Data-Driven

Measuring business asset security posture with Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) is the most practical approach to risk-based security.

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