Use Case - Privacy Compliance

Comply with Privacy Regulations

From Onboarding to Ongoing Controls – Manage and Monitor Your Privacy Compliance


Control and monitor your privacy regulations (e.g., GDPR, IL Privacy, CCPA) compliance at minimal costs and labor-time

  • An intelligent centralized knowledgebase
  • Initialize and streamline privacy compliance
  • Measure and monitor implementation
  • Recommend specific controls and policies
  • Establish and maintain processes to support privacy compliance
  • Privacy is managed from one place
  • Shared privacy compliance with customers in a click
  • Spend 40% less resources, time and money to maintain privacy compliance

Local Privacy Compliance Watchdog

Privacy on CISOteria is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Gap Analysis

  • Automatically calculate your current compliance status leveraging CISOteria’s intelligent centralized knowledgebase
  • Review specific recommended activities (e.g., tasks) to remove your gaps
  • Assign those tasks to your privacy team

Onboard Privacy - Your Project is on Its Way

  • Your privacy project is centrally managed and monitored
  • Daily reminders and status updates assist in the compliance process
  • Privacy is ready to maintain

Monitor and Maintain Compliance

  • CISOteria’s intelligent engines monitor maintenance status
  • Recurring controls are followed, with stakeholders notified and in the loop
  • Share compliance data with customers with a click


Improved Governance

Once policies are easily followed, governance is maintained properly and adequately.

Increased Compliance

Policies that are easy to follow increase compliance to all the privacy and security regulations.

Recommended Policies

CISOteria recommends required policies based on your required regulation and Risk Level Profile.

Policy Enforcement

With CISOteria, policies are built into processes, tasks and activities — requiring the team to cooperate.

Policies Watchdog

A lack of required activity automatically triggers an alert and reminder to the activity owner.

Recommended Controls

CISOteria's expert system advises you on which activities to adopt to comply with each required policy.

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