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    Conduct Security and Regulatory Compliance like a Maestro

    Put your CISO in total control. When every second counts, CISOteria’s Cybersecurity Proactivity Index™ (CPI) quantifies your security and regulatory exposure and provides the insights and response times they need to address security threats —immediately. You’re the conductor – make every note come together in perfect harmony with the right security instruments at the right time.

    Move to a Risk-Targeted Approach

    Knowledge is power. We give CISOs the technological muscle and in-depth insights they need to make informed decisions fast. Forget random defense strategies and one-size-fits-all protection plans for every risk, big or small. With CISOteria, you get a clear, deep understanding of your security status and exposure level — and the tools to take immediate action.

    Our unique, risk-targeted approach optimizes your defense layers, reduces risk, and lowers cost.

    See, Learn, Act: Know Your CPI Score

    The Cybersecurity Proactivity Index (CPI) is the industry’s first-of-its-kind way to easily assess your organization’s security health, threat readiness, and privacy regulation compliance. Your CPI score enables you to track your progress over time and compare your development with your peers.

    Get your score — and get ahead of the pack.

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    CISOteria Covers All Aspects of Your Cyber-Ecosystem

      Our Products

      Created by CISOs for CISOs

      Efficient Audit 

      Simplified Remediation Management

      Practical Privacy Regulations Enforcement

      Optimized Risk-Based Management

      Proactive Policy Supervision

      Compliance Management

      Privacy, ISO 27001, NIST 800-53, NIST Cyber Security Framework, IL CERT

      Why CISOteria

      Cost-effective solution for leveraged security and compliance.

      Robust centralized knowledgebase for guidance on all security and regulation operations.

      User-friendly, intuitive interface with real-time critical data.

      Every aspect of the security spectrum is covered, from intense workflows to endless tasks and concerns.

      Real-time shared industry and peer knowledge to help you pinpoint core KRIs and take proactive measures.

      Our game-changing Expert System simplifies securing your environment and enables informed decision-making.

      CISOteria is a first-of-its-kind SaaS System of Record that covers the entire enterprise cybersecurity lifecycle, from strategy, prioritization, audits and implementation to remediation, compliance (e.g., NIST, GDPR, ISO 27001, etc.) and risk management — and so much more.