We help companies turn cyber risk into a non-issue

Meet CISOteria – a patented ERP for CISOs that:

✓ Quantifies your cyber risk maturity level

✓ Provides a tailored plan of action to lower risk

✓ Tracks your cyber risk 24/7

cyber risk quantification

Control Your Enterprise Cybersecurity Ecosystem

Cybersecurity Management Made Easy

Monitor and Manage

Control your day-to-day cybersecurity activities with 360° visibility

Track Risks and CPI

Generate your Cybersecurity Proactivity Index (CPI) and receive in-depth insights

Get AI Expert Recommendations

Personalized recommendations to help you make better decisions

Control your cybersecurity risk

Monitor trends and make smarter decisions — in real time.

Track your defense layers

Easily monitor people, processes and products that support your cybersecurity defenses

CISOteria - Your Cybersecurity Orchestration Platform



Track progress on cybersecurity and compliance and benchmark against peers



Control sources of information, prioritize activities, and watch their progress



Communicate with executives, board members and external entities

Work Efficiently During the Day, Sleep Tight at Night

Monitor Cyber Risk Quantification and Compliance Status

Follow your organization’s daily cyber risk status, get alerts on increased risk and noncompliance, and share with executive management and directors.

Manage All Activities

Implement and manage ongoing security controls, audits, and compliance — and tap our centralized knowledgebase — all security management in one place

Benchmark vs. Peers

Compare your risk, compliance, and proactivity to other organizations with similar inherent risk exposure — and gain competitive insights

Get Experts Advice

Receive daily, AI-enabled activity, product, and process recommendations to help you reduce risks and comply with regulations

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Mike Ray
CIO, Reichman University
5 Stars Rating
It is our ERP and CRM for information security. Its expert recommendations help us automate our activities and monitor our execution.

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