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A robust cyber program can drop breach likelihood by 90%.

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Does this sound familiar?

It's so hard to translate technology vulnerabilities into business risks.
We have no clue what the security teams are working on and how this impacts our company risk score.
Every year we spend more on cyber security but threats remain intact.

We hear you…

Most businesses face an increase in cyber security challenges. Technology is advancing, but cyber risk is just getting worse. That’s why we created CISOteria.

As seasoned experts we learned, the hard way, that the weakest links in organizations are their security processes – and that’s where we chose to focus. We designed CISOteria so you, too, can move from operational security to strategic cyber security and reduce your threat of an attack by 95%.

    Chaos to Clarity

    The New Game:

    Strategic Cybersecurity

    Getting out of this vicious cycle, where technology is advancing, but cyber risks are getting worse, requires changing to a new game: Strategic CyberSecurity.

    That’s about acknowledging that cyber security is first and foremost an executive management issue, it is about focusing on what matters and fixing the root cause, i.e. lack of enforced cyber processes, and that cyber risk (not cyber threats) should be tracked 24/7.

    To play the new game we’ve created a solution that enables CISOs to pull three patented levers:

    01 Connect the business impact dots.
    The effect: Focus on what matters.
    02 Establish a Cyber Strategy.
    The effect: Execute & audit with precision.
    03 Track the cyber strategy 24/7.
    The effect: Reduce & control risk 24/7.

    Meet CISOteria Product Suite – Your Cyber OS™

    One cyber platform for CISOs that want to orchestrate their company cyber strategy program from one place. From strategy creation, through implementation and tracking 24/7. So, stakeholders can focus on what matters.

    SecOps Management

    Get your SecOps workload under control and on time. More shared responsibility, less chaos, and less breach probability.

    Risk Management

    Quantify and track your business cyber risk 24/7. Prioritize with focus on risk reduction. Share with your board.

    Governance & Compliance

    Empower cyber processes to comply with regulations and reduce the risk of a breach.

    Ready to Move to The New Game, Strategic Cybersecurity?

    Just follow the 3-week* process below

    Week 1
    Connect the business impact dots
    1. Onboard Your data.
    2. Quantify the cyber risk maturity level.
    3. Get a Health Check of your cyber processes.
    Focus on what matters
    Week 2
    Establish a Cyber Strategy
    1. Get a plan of action.
    2. Initialize projects and IRT playbooks.
    3. Assign tasks to the SecOps team.
    Execute and audit with precision
    Week 3
    Oversee Your Strategy efficiency 24/7
    1. Monitor your cyber processes.
    2. Get CVE alerts and reminders.
    3. Analyze effectiveness and adjust.
    Control & reduce risk 24/7
    Average for most companies
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    What people say

    This actually gives you a health score of how effective your cyber processes are and you can improve them until you can actually trust those processes and then you can park them and work on other stuff.
    Greg Van der Gaast
    Former Hacker, FBI & DoD Operative
    CISOteria is the solution I had been seeking for a long time. It gives me a 24/7 status of the university's cyber risk exposure and privacy compliance so I can make informed decisions and prioritize efficiently. We couldn't be happier with our decision.
    Mike Ray
    Chief Information Officer, Reichman University
    CISOteria gives the structure that many CISOs are missing.
    Simon Linstead
    Disruptive Innovator in Cyber Security
    It gives you a health status of all your different processes. I thought it is really really a cool way of helping CISOs in their approach.
    Greg Van der Gaast
    Former Hacker, FBI & DoD Operative
    We chose CISOteria because it’s essential that we gain control and real time visibility on the security program.
    Eran Shwartz
    CTO & CISO, Orian
    Every program in the company has a strategy: sales, marketing, etc. CISOteria is giving a strategy for Cyber security. I do not know of any tools that actually do that.
    Robert Bigman
    Senior Advisor, Former CISO at USA Government

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