Enforcing Your Cyber Processes

Products Used: CISOteria's Security Operations, and Governance & Compliance

With CISOteria our cyber processes and policies are finally enforced. This makes our cyber program succeed.

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The Challenge

Three months ago, you created processes to maintain and audit your firewall and EDR as well as updated four of your security policies and procedures.
You have no capacity to enforce the processes. The processes are not being followed and the procedures are getting dust on the shelf/disk.
These processes are required by the privacy laws and the board of directors so that will reduce your company’s cyber business risk.

How Will You Improve

Connect the Business Impact Dots

CISOteria algorithm will increase the company's business risk when processes are not being followed. It tracks cyber risk 24/7, And identifies and alerts changes in company risk due to a lack of policy enforcement.

What Will You Gain

  • Cyber processes and policies are enforced 24/7.
  • Always ready for a compliance audit.
  • Enforced processes and policies imply fewer vulnerabilities and better preparedness.


Focus on the Root Cause

Adopting and implementing cyber processes is one of the fundamental causes of cyber incidents. Now you can take out the root cause.

Reduced Business Risk

Your cyber business risks can decrease up to 95% once you enforce cyber processes and policies.

Better Compliance

Regulations and security standards are based on process enforcement. With CISOteria, they can be easily followed.

Now your processes and policies Will be followed and help reduce cyber risk

A strategic security approach starts with following well-established processes and policies. CISOteria tracks your processes' implementation and accordingly calculates your cyber business risk 24/7.

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