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Security spending has skyrocketed over the last decade, and cyber risk just keeps growing.

CISOteria is here to change that. It helps organizations transform from Operational Security to Strategic Security, focusing on empowering CISOs to orchestrate cyber processes.

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Organizations with established security processes are less likely to suffer a data breach

"2020 Cybersecurity Survey" by Vanson Bourne technology market research firm

Communicate security status to executive management

Track your business-asset cyber risk exposure 24/7

Get personalized, proactive, expert recommendations

Control, prioritize and manage security, budgets, and compliance


Your Steps to Safety

01 Connect the business impact dots
02 Establish a Cyber Strategy
03 Oversee Your Strategy Efficiency 24/7

CISOteria gives the structure that many CISOs are missing

Simon Linstead, Disruptive Innovator in Cyber Security

The CISO Cyber Strategy: 3 Building Blocks

Security Operations

Manage SecOps & remediations

Prioritize tasks & projects

Built-in threats playbooks

Cyber Risk Management

Quantify risk/compliance

Control defense layers

Monitor cyber risk 24/7

Governance & Compliance

Enforce policies & procedures

Monitor processes 24/7

Comply with regulations

Turn Threats into Trust

Reduce Risk by 95% | Reduce Recovery Time from a Breach By 99% | Full Compliance with Regulations

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Imagine moving from chaos to clarity

5 practical tips from seasoned CISOs