Translate Cyber Risk  to Business Risk

Products Used: CISOteria's Security Operations

With CISOteria we easily translate technology vulnerabilities into business risk.

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The Challenge

In the middle of production, two new critical CVEs were announced. Installation of the relevant security updates would interrupt production for a full hour.
You’re not sure whether to install, how critical these updates are, what’s the risk, and whether to notify management.

How Will You Improve

Connect the Business Impact Dots

CISOteria translates technology issues and requirements into business risk It connects the products’ controls to the defense layers affecting the company risk score. The system recalculates the company’s risk score and analyzes the impact on business assets and financial implications. This provides you with an effective decision support tool, with recommendations and action items.

What Will You Gain

  • Make smart decisions, taking into account security, technology, and business considerations.
  • Security aligned with your business needs.
  • Quick response for better security.
  • Execute with precision – spend fewer resources to reach your goals.


Take the Right Decision

CISOteria provides you with the tools to understand the business impact of security risks and actions.

Fortify your Security

Understanding the true risk enables you to perform what’s needed to block it.

100% Clarity

Get clear information on ongoing security requirements.

Now you can align your security with business needs

With a strategic security approach, you’ll be able to analyze all factors, from technology and resources to security and business, and take the smartest decision at any given time.

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