Sharing Your Cyber Program status with the board 24/7

Products Used: CISOteria's Security Operations, Risk Management, and Governance & Compliance

With CISOteria we communicate effectively with stakeholders. Executive management is synchronized.

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The Challenge

Due to SEC proposed rules, your management requires a cyber risk status update. Next Monday!
You have no presentation. Your schedule this week is full. Management understands $$$ not tech.
You need to get SecOps updates; industry statistics; quantify risk; prepare a risk trends analysis. There is no way doing that in a week…

How Will You Improve

Connect the Business Impact Dots

CISOteria identifies, aligns, and quantifies cyber risks to business objectives and tracks cyber risk 24/7. By tracking your assets and business cyber risk 24/7 CISOteria has all that you need. Now, you can just generate a draft PowerPoint with a click.

What Will You Gain

  • Focus on what matters and communicate cyber risk with precision in business language.
  • Share accountability with the executive management.
  • Enforce cyber processes with the support of your executive management.


Executives Share Accountability

Being able to share your cyber business risk with your executives 24/7 makes your top management care and involved.

Better Decisions

With top management involved, decisions are more structured and aligned with the business needs of the company.

100% Clarity

The whole company has clear information on ongoing security requirements and responsibilities.

Now you can align your security with your executives

With a strategic security approach, you’ll be able to analyze all factors, from technology and resources to security and business, and take the smartest decision at any given time.

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