Avoid unpleasant audit surprises for your Security products

Products Used: CISOteria's Security Operations

Finally, our products are well-maintained and configured.

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The Challenge

After a long process, you finally received the budget to buy NAC, EDR, and multi-factor authentication solutions. You ran multiple POCs with the SecOps team and chose the solutions you needed.
Six months after installation, you held an audit and discovered none of the products are well configured and maintained.

How Will You Improve

Oversee your Cyber efficiency 24/7

CISOteria keeps you focused on the status of your Security products and processes. It automatically monitors, checks, and alerts on it. Using CISOteria, you’ll be fully prepared for any scenario, audit, or attack. CISOteria connects the products’ controls to the defense layers affecting the company risk score in real-time. It identifies and alerts on changes in the company’s risk level related to lack of product maintenance.

What Will You Gain

  • Product maintenance is enforced 24/7 to avoid company risk increase.
  • Optimal Security product ROI.
  • Up-to-date products mean fewer vulnerabilities and better preparedness.


Generate Security Insights

CISOteria connects product controls to defense layers, updating your risk score in real-time

Track Maintenance Issues.

CISOteria alerts on risk changes due to lack of Security product maintenance.

100% Security ROI

Ensure your Security products are fully functional, giving you the highest possible layer of protection.

Now your Security products will always be up to date

With a strategic Security approach, you’ll have access to real-time information on all aspects of your Security processes, enabling Security products to be well-maintained and always configured.

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