Governance & Compliance

A Strategic Approach to Compliance

Get a bird’s eye view of your compliance status, with actionable insights that empower you to effectively implement ISO 27001 or privacy compliance in your organization.

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Govern security controls
End cyber chaos
Always be compliant

Compliance, Simplified

Monitor your compliance level with relevant regulations, from NIST, ISO27001 to SOC2 and privacy legislation. Get clear recommendations and knowledgebases and be prepared for regulatory demands.

Reduce your Risk by 95%

Clear guidelines on compliance will prevent ineffective efforts and swiftly achieve the target, making security and compliance a non-issues in your company.

Key Features

Compliance templates and frameworks

Get user-friendly ready-to-use formats for implementing compliance as fast as lightning.

24/7 monitoring

Continuous monitoring to ensure your products and processes will always be up-to-date with compliance requirements.


Actionable insights and alerts for actions that need to be completed for full compliance.

Your Steps to Full Compliance

Know your compliance status. Start with a quick gap analysis
Get, system generated, required tasks to close the gaps
Assign and control 24/7 the gap closure tasks
Comply and maintain full on-going compliance

With CISOteria we know what to do to stay 24/7 in compliance with the local privacy laws.

Marcello Mitelman, CISO, Tel-Aviv Jaffa Municipality

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